September 28, 2023

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All of the BMW new car prices for 2017 offer plenty of value and luxury for every dollar. If you are looking for your first BMW or are just looking to upgrade, the 2017 lineup offers many exciting options. These are some of the best choices in various price ranges.

$30,000 To $60,000

For just over $33,000, you can enjoy a 3 Series sedanAdd New in traditional or plug-in hybrid style. The vehicle looks sleeker than ever with its new body makeover and LED lights. It also comes with safety features such as brake assist and an engine immobilizer. With its legendary reliability, style and features, it is a great BMW for budget-conscious families. If you prefer a sportier body style, the Series 3 Gran Turismo and 4 Series are between $8,000 and $10,000 more. They also come with some interior upgrades. The 4 Series also comes in a convertible option.

If you want something economical that runs purely on electrical power, the i3 fits many budgets at just under $50,000. Its hip crossover-like appearance is sure to appeal to all ages, and it boasts a feature-packed roomy interior. Also, it earns great safety ratings and comes with plenty of features to keep your family safer. For something larger and more traditional, the X5 is a great choice. It is priced at a little over $55,000. The X5 comes with a power-packed V8 engine, removable and adjustable rear seating and camera-based parking assist.


$60,000 To $90,000

For those who like the X5 but prefer to pay less at the pump, the X5 eDrive model is just the solution. It features an economical engine with electric power. The X6 starts at just over $61,000 and is slightly smaller than the X5. It is powerful and handles well with its Steptronic sport transmission.
The stylish M3 starts at $64,000 and boasts a powerful engine with 444 horsepower. It is the perfect vehicle for drivers who like a sporty feel but prefer no road noise and a smooth ride quality. If you and your family are tech lovers, the 7 Series is full of tech features. By simply waving your hand in front of the console, you can do everything from rejecting incoming calls while you drive to activating the emergency braking assist safety feature. It also features automatic parking and many other luxury benefits. The 7 Series starts at just under $82,000.


$90,000 And Above

For a sleek and sporty outward appearance with every imaginable luxury on the inside, the BMW M5 is a great choice. The vehicle starts at just over $94,000 and boasts features such as night vision, automatic parking, digital navigation and even a trunk that doubles as a camping space with the rear folding option. A twin turbo V8 engine also gives you plenty of power for your money.
The X5M starts at just under $100,000 and earns top IIHS safety ratings. You can sync your smartphone with the new standard Bluetooth feature, which allows you to send emails, make voice memos and more. There is a long list of comprehensive tech features for this sporty crossover. The X6M is also a great crossover if you prefer something a little smaller. It boasts plentiful safety features, heated seats, a rear parking camera and a multitude of upgraded dazzling tech features for a little over $102,000. It also averages about 19 miles per gallon on the highway despite having a powerful twin turbo V8 engine.
These are just a few of the top models for 2017. There are also several other variants of each series. The best way to find the right new BMW for you and your family is to make a list of your priorities. Gas mileage, space, comfort features, tech features and safety features are usually the top five priorities. Fortunately, there is at least one model that meets your personalized list of these common priorities regardless of which order they are in. Also, be sure to compare buyer reviews online before you make a final decision.

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