November 29, 2023

The Leading BMW Source for Orange County BMW Owners

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, otherwise known as BMW, is a well-regarded manufacturer of luxury cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. The BMW Brand selects excellent craftsmanship and the most advanced technology to engineer top-level vehicles that emphasize on a more precise and pleasurable driving experience. Produced in countries all over the globe such as Germany, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, BMW has a huge series of original and incredibly stylish rides which include the inimitable Z4, the X3 Crossover SUV, and the compact 328i. All of these vehicles showcase an incomparable personality and reliable performance.


Originally a company that engineered a series of auto parts for aircrafts, it was in 1928 when BMW would select to enter the automobile scene with the highly-regarded Dixi Sedan. A year later, they introduced another original BMW vehicle in the form of the DA 1, which integrated a four-cylinder engine capable of 15 horsepower. In the later part of the 1930s, BMW manufactured an original performance vehicle that dominated the race track, the original type 328 Roadster. After World War II, the company would select and utilize the latest auto vehicle tech and gear of the time to produce the excellent 501 full-size sedans which integrated a six-cylinder engine and a comfortable interior. Soon their V-8 powered automobile 502 followed along with the 1500 compact sedan. In the 1970s, the much renowned BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series would debut along with their M-Series original high-performance coupes, convertibles, and sedans. Later in 1998, BMW began engineering Bentley Automobiles with high-quality gear.

When the Volkswagen Brand purchased the Bentley in 2003, BMW would also be given the responsibility of providing the best engine and gear for Rolls-Royce automobiles. Further down the line, the BMW X3 compact luxury crossover series and the X5 midsize crossover series featured advanced auto tech and an inimitable style to change the game. In 2004, BMW’s 1 Series was unraveled and was at the time the only selection of models in their arsenal offered with a rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally-mounted engine. These are just some of the innovative products and auto designs by BMW. In order to unlock the full potential of their BMWs, the modern driver incorporates innovative aftermarket auto parts and accessories as superb replacements and as close to stock components as possible. When it comes to where to find a complete series of original BMW aftermarket products along with the newest auto parts, select a good online auto parts retailer and you’re guaranteed the most progressive online shop in Canada.


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