April 1, 2023

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Faux Leather Seat Covers

If you’ve just bought a BMW, you’re going to want to keep it looking factory-new, and that likely means fitting seat covers to protect the interior. Choosing the perfect seat cover can be tricky. If you drive a lot, then you’re going to want something that is comfortable. If you have pets or kids then you’re going to want something that is easy to clean. These tips will help you to find the perfect seat covers for your pride and joy.


Neosupreme is made from a neoprene-like material called neotex, which is similar to neoprene, but with added polyester. It is an inexpensive material that looks good, and that typically features foam backing for added comfort and protection. Neosupreme fairly durable, but it is not quite as tough as proper neoprene. It is a good option for people who want sporty seat covers that are water-resitant, but that don’t cost a fortune.


Neoprene is a much higher grade of material than neosupreme. If you can find CR-Grade Neoprene seat covers, then you can be confident that you’re getting something that will last for a very long time. CR-grade Neoprene is a thick rubber that is used to make wetsuits, and it offers very good protection against water. It also looks slick and sporty, and it can withstand a lot of abuse, making it perfect for people who have pets or kids, and those who spend a lot of time on the road. If you want to make sure that your car seats are well protected, then neoprene is a great choice. It is more expensive than neosupreme, but a neoprene seat cover will last a lot longer, making it worth the expense.


Real leather seat covers have a pleasant scent, and they feel luxurious. If you’re spending a lot of time driving around in California when the weather is warm, then you’ll enjoy how leather feels against the skin. Leather seat covers make your car look even more upscale htna it already is, and they’re quite rugged too.

The only downside to lather is that it can dry out over time, so you will need to treat it to restore the lost moisture, and keep it looking brand new. In addition, if you have pets they may scratch or scuff the leather, causing lasting damage.

Imitation leather is another option, but this tends to peel and show wear over time. If you’re on a budget, you will probably be better off with neosupreme rather than imitation leather, because it will last longer and is easier to clean.

It’s a good idea to get your seat covers professionally fitted, whatever type of material you choose for them. A properly fitted cover will be smooth and secure over the seat, and will not slip or wrinkle. It’s those little finishing touches that make the seat covers look so amazing, and will put a smile on your face every time you come to drive your BMW.